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Hi and thanks for dropping by our web site. We're Baby Ace and our mission is to bring energy, passion and excitement to your event.

We've been performing together for a good few years now (that's right, we met at school :-) originally as an original material band - in fact we still write and perform our own songs. After attending a few family weddings and parties we noticed that a lot of the bands performing at these kind of events seemed a little jaded, maybe even bored. Don't get us wrong, they were all great musicians but it was as if they were going through the motions.

We thought it would be interesting to perform great cover versions of songs at weddings and parties but to approach them like a concert and really delivering each song with energy and a sense of fun. Our approach seems to have worked and now we're busy up and down the country and building a reputation, not as a wedding band, but as a band that plays at weddings - and birthday parties, and corporate events - you get the picture.

Although all in our twenties, we love music of all styles and we know that most parties have a wide range of ages in attendance so don't worry, we'll work hard to play something for everyone.  We'll just do it with a little more sparkle than most other bands.

You can get an instant quote and check if we're free for your event right here on our site.  Like most busy bands, we're represented by the nation's favourite entertainment agency Hireaband. While we're great at the musicy stuff, we don't really enjoy the admin side of running a busy band and that's where the lovely people at Hireaband come in. They'll sort out the paperwork, send the reminders and make sure all the t's are crossed and the i's dotted so that we can get on with the serious business of burning up dance floors.

You won't pay a penny extra to hire us through Hireaband but you will get the back up and support of a business that has been booking great live entertainers since 1999.  Go on, check us out and you never know, we may be helping you celebrate something wonderful very soon.